Having more to bear than any human should have to in a lifetime we have had our ups and downs.  Being the victim of several crimes, one of which we are dealing with right now, we have seen the cruel side of humanity all because of greed.  It can get to you at some point.  Life has been like a roller coaster ride and we keep trying to pick ourselves up.  At this point in life we only know how to fight injustice as it has consumed our lives for so long. We try to help alleviate the symptoms with positives like helping others, going for walks, working hard to work out the frustration, even taking natural herbs for nerves.  But you can never escape it.  You can only try to meet it head on and fight for your life,the life they tried to take from you.  I believe it is in preparation for whatever is to come.  It has in some ways made us stronger people.  But there are still very difficult days, especially with the current unresolved issues with these corrupt people.  It still amazes me how some people think they can play God with your life, as if they are entitled for their own personal gain.  And, when they are exposed they act like, what gall, that you are willing to stand up to them and not take the abuse anymore.  But the damage is done and you can't reverse it.  You can only go forward.  We are trying and still giving it a good fight.  Sad part is having lost the respect of our grown children who can't fully understand, as if we are somehow to blame.  We did everything we could to protect ourselves.  It just wasn't enough for their preplanned crimes.  There were so many involved that it feels , at times, the whole world is against you which isn't fair to the truly good people still left in this world. The worst is when you can't sleep for days and, when you do, you wake up to the worst feeling of dread while reality washes all over you. At least when you sleep you can escape it all for a short time.  But we will persevere.  We have no choice.  But it doesn't make it any easier..

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We can use all the prayers and support everyone can send our way over this. It has been heartbreaking and we are trying hard to trust in Him to answer our prayers. There are so many involved now and obviously rotten to the core. It is like a den of lions. This has been a 2 1/2 year ordeal at this point and we have had fraud attornies working on it for a year. The suits are filed and the parties served. I pray everyday for help and I refuse to be afraid. We have been allowed to be in this situation for a reason and hope we can be a good example through all the tears. Thank you for your prayers and support. Bless you.

I feel for you. I was married to my second husband and his son was forever into trouble. Once he got so involved with the drug people he ended up helping to steal a safe full of money and drugs. We spend an entire 6 months living with the fact that the Arian Nation was after us, wanting to kill the entiire family. You have to turn it all over to God and know with all your heart that He will take care of you. He will. All He needs is for you to ask. God loves you more than anyone else possibly could. I will pray for you.

Thank you for understanding. Can relate to people's misguided assumptions. My husband in his younger years loved to refinish furniture including re-upholstering chairs. He called a fabric store one day to inquire about a certain type of fabric and could overhear the clerks making fun of him. They didn't know he was married and assumed otherwise, not that it was any of their business. In this deal we are dealing with now involves real estate fraud with the sellers and realtors. It was a preplanned crime which we can prove. The toll it has taken is undescribable. We try to be ob<x>jective about it now to stay factual for court. Not sure we have reached the point of forgiveness yet but don't think we are at the hate stage. More along incredibly hurt since our agent , who we should have been able to trust, was also involved. We have good attornies but they are expensive. Spent the last 2 days going through 2 of the 3 parties reponses through the courts for rebuttals. It is tedious and like having salt poured in old wounds constantly having to relive this and counter their lies. The case keeps getting bigger and bigger and now some state level boys have gotten involved. Yes, we can prove them wrong, too. But do not understand people creating their own grief. You make a great point, we are better than they are and have to keep reminding ourselves of that fact. Just wonder when they will finally concede with all the evidence against them.

I try to respond rapidly to people in here who havent had a response yet, I havent and responding to others seems to be helping me. having to endure alot in life, I understand what that is like. I have had to do that since i was very young. I had worked for some people i rented from. I still really try to not hate them. (that is important to me) stop the chain of hate. they attacked me and my roomate calling us queer (im not) i'm an artist. my friend and his ex-wife awned a florist shop and he is slick with some decorating and draperies. They were from san francisco so they think they had me and greg all figured out. After this woman just attacked me 'bout it she decides she isnt paying me. I find the property ownes number on the internet and complain my problem. I get paid and before i move. a stack of rental recipts just dissapperes off a blank-empty desk one day i was away. they even get away with not giving me my tax form for the portion of work i did for taxable contract employee and get away with it( out iof state employer). so i can identifiy with how offended they get when one rubs their nose in their dirty affairs. that is you victory! you are better than them! you know it and deep down they know it too and nothing will ever change that. It is a moral superiority and the only way to top that ( I know it sounds corny) but try not to hate them and better still try to love them. that to me was the hardest to do.