Depressed That I Just Hit The 50 Year Wall!

i recently turned the fifty year corner. i feel invisible to everyone but my kid. my ex doesn't really like me very much and i suck at my job. my looks are going fast and i can't compete with my aging body. finding space in the cramped life for someone new is proving extremely difficult. even if i had the courage to let go and move on, i wouldn't know which way to go. i quit all the vices but a few nightcaps, which help me to sleep, if you can call it that. i recently went for a sleepwalk for the first time and humiliated myself so now i sleep even worse! i used to not be like this. my gp wants to put me on anti-d's but i'm not sure yet if i want to go that route. are there a million others who feel this way?

mrgreenjean mrgreenjean
Feb 21, 2010