The Visitor Has Come For Me ,,

The darkness is rolling slowly in ,the horizon of my mind  has disserpeard ,,it comes once more ,i can hear the screams of the visitor and its cohorts as they gallop throught the corridors of my mind ,,destroying all the good thoughts ive had over the last few days ,,i knew it would not last for long the sea ,calm in my mind ,,now laps against the inside of my eyes and escapes as tears down my cheeks ,my head is hung down low as i know what is coming to hurt me ,makes me tired and limp ,,lifeless ,,but the  knowing that i must fight weighs heavy on my chest ,,were can i summon the strentgh against such a great army ,,able to regenerate with out effort ,,,and here i am a mere mortal ,,alone in this landscape of broken bodies and the scattered souls of those that have fallen before me ,how many more years must i face this unbeatable foe ,the faceless beast that returns without warning and carrys my soul off to destruction ,it knows it does not have the power to kill me ,,to trick me into suicide ,,no life itself has taken that pleasure away ,,but it knows it can kill me by stelth ,,maybe put the old mans heart under so much strain it fails ,,,and i fall to dust ,,oh how it would like to dance in my ashes ,,then see them blown away by the winds of time ,,and what would become of xn728 ,,here would merely be silent and would fade away from view ,,it stands with me now,the dark sentinal ,,,my visitor ,,it does look powerful ,dark in its shroud and menacing ,,it knows the fear i have now ,,it sees what i write ,and it hears what i think ,,it knows i must take its  arm and walk into the darkness that awaits me ,its face black and featureless yet i know it looks at me ,i feel its stare ,,and the hatred it holds for me ,,it wants to rip out my soul and see the love and compassion i have safe in there fall to the floor and be washed away by the blood running from my broken body ,,,but this is not to be ,,it is not death ,not in that sense anyway ,,it can destroy my mind ,but not my heart ,it must beat no matter what the visitor wants ,,so the anger grows feirce within this dark warrior ,,oh yes i admire it ,,such power and menace ,,i wish i had that weapon ,,,for someone to look at you and feel that menace and power ,,must be all consuming ,,so now im finished here ,and i must close my eyes and take that long cold walk with this dark entity,,,into a world filled with unspeakable horrors,each time worse than the last ,,,so as i turn away my freinds and start that journey ,i wont reach out because this is a place were i cannot allow you to follow ,,,,,,,and if i become silent ,then maybe i didnt find that strength i sought so desperatly for ,,,,,hugs xn728 ken xxxx

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Feb 21, 2010