Fairwell, Rebecca



The icy winds of Winter blow

And tears of heaven freely flow.

I must take what i have and go

With such pain no man can tell.

I must leave for my life to start

But this step pains my very heart

Because from your i must depart.

Farewell, Rebecca. Farewell.


Destitution takes my rein

On this path i must remain

Thru this Land of Endless Pain

Condemned forever in Hell.

My outcries are a mere oversight

As a tortured beast that howls affright

A sounding brass in the Endless Night.

Farewell, Rebecca. Farewell.


I’ll never forget that i loved you

And still wish that you had loved me too

That a romance had budded and grew

As the roses that sweetly smell.

How i want you to have and hold

To keep you sheltered from the cold

To turn Blue moments into Gold.

Farewell, Rebecca. Farewell.


But in another man you’ve found delight

To love you and hold you both day and night

To take you strolling above Heaven’s Height

Where the clouds billow and swell.

Eventually you’ll become his bride

To walk eternally by his side

And forget me long after i’ve died.

Farewell, Rebecca. Farewell.



JerryAtRick JerryAtRick
61-65, M
Feb 21, 2010