I Battle Depression Everyday...

I battle it almost everyday.

But I never show anyone how I feel at all. I never show that I am depressed. Because I don't want people to have to depend on themselves to help me. They have their own problems that I help them with as much as I can. Even though I have my own.

But I hold back everything, I repress everything, because I feel I don't want, or need help. And I know that is my own fault.

But how do you look someone in the face, either it be a dear friend or a family member and say..

"I'm depressed" without having to feel even more bad about making them help you

RivoltaSilenziosa RivoltaSilenziosa
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

play games, write, annoy people are some of the ways i woluld say to help the depression <br />
but seriously for most part for peple who battle with depression its a thought that if we get help we're hurting others but its not like that it really isnt i wish i could tell how much people really do understand and the fact is we eventually cause more pain if we dont get help. <br />
<br />
p.s im ussually online if you need to talk ive been through pretty much all stages of depression

I would rather listen to others problems then discusss my own. I never let anyone know how depressed I really am. I always smile in public and mask it really good. I cry at home and I only discuss how I feel with my good friend. It is even hard to talk about it to my boyfriend. Soemtimes he just doesn't get it. I think no one truly understands depression until they have had it. Talking to people who have had it helps me know I am not crazy or alone. I just watch who I talk to and when and where.