Feels Like Theres No Escape

screeming in my face the visitor still has me ,

this is so frightening i fear for my sanity nothing i do gives me rest ,

my music means nothing ,i cant stop moving around on the bed

the inside of my head is on fire and my brain feels like it is coming

out of my ears ,i think only dark thoughts ,i cant stand the duvet

touching me because im so hot ,yet it freezing here ,your words and thoughts

are with me ,i thought last night i might wake today to a little light

yes i did ,for about an hour ,i just dont want to see tommorrow,im scared

and i dont know whats happening,ive had many journeys but this is a nightmare

im even thinking of something else now to take the pain away ,theres lots

of it round here ,i wouldent have to go far ,crazy !

it helps to talk here, look after your kind hearts let the warm blanket of the forum

keep you all safe tonight and forever my dear freinds ,goodnight .

And to you ,dark sentinal

show your self in human form you bastard ,and i will rip off your head and crap in that hole ,but no you hide in my mind ,were i can see you ,but cannot touch the cold thing that you are ,come out if your so powerful ,and face me ,,and if im first to fall then take me ,youve taken my freinds from me all my life you chicken **** ,,see how crazy you make me ,you will not take another ever ...aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,,shithole
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Feb 23, 2010