I Cut Myself

i dunno if i have depression or not but i cut myself so i guess im half emo? but i think its the adhd medicen i have to take cuz doesnt that increase depression as a side affect? but i just do it when i get angry and when someone ****** me off someone has to get hurt and if i hurt them i get in trouble and so i cut myself to get my mind of it and just watch the blood flow.. is there a pill for anger? and can someone tell me how to relive it without cutting myself because i cant even wear wife-beaters around my house so my parents dont see the cuts.. and ihave to work out in long sleeves when there around..

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I couldn't agree more with aspiringmute you will find plenty of help here. I found this on a website about ADHD <br />
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"Several well conducted [studies] have shown that children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Attention Deficit Disorder are more likely than others to become depressed at some time during their development. In fact, their risk for developing depression is as much as 3 times greater than for other children." <br />
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I also found this on a different one:<br />
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"Medication for ADHD can interfere with the diagnosis and treatment of depression. Medications for ADHD sometimes mimic the symptoms of depression and sometimes exacerbate symptoms of depression (and bipolar disorder). This can make it hard to distinguish which symptoms are caused by clinical depression and which symptoms are caused by the medication. Often doctors will treat the depression first and once those symptoms are under control, they will treat the ADHD. Depression, therefore, becomes the primary diagnosis and ADHD the secondary. Some doctors, however, believe that in order for treatment to be effective, both conditions must be treated simultaneously. Arguments for this method believe that in order for either condition to be under control, both must be under control."<br />
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You should tell your parents and doctors what is happening so you can get help. Cutting is not the way to deal with anger and I am not telling you that I am expert managing my own anger but with help we can learn how to manage it.

You shouldn't put yoursel under a stupid steretypical label like emo.. That puts your mind in a small, confined closed box.. Open your mind, my friend. You're just you..<br />
And if you have anger problems maybe you should read up on some other people with similar anger problems on here. Type your problem into the search bar at the top, something like 'i'm so angry' <br />
You need to seek anger management help, not necessarily paying a therapist but self-help and this website is pretty amazing, just keep looking around..<br />
btw, I wrote a my story on here today about how I overcame cutting (and how I began..it turned out kinda long)..anyways, you can find it and read it if you're interested<br />
good luck to you