Moving On

Sadly i must gather my weapons together once more ,,the demons that visit me nightly ,are making me unable to comunicate ,,i have freinds here of course ,,and i will miss them ,,but i must make yet another journey through the corridors of my mind ,,trying to run from the dark one that holds my soul ,and torment me daily as i open my eyes ,,you she i make freinds and just feel at home ,and have a little bit of calm ,and the visitor sends its demons and cohorts to try and touch those whom i have met and become close with ,,and it does have the power to reach out and touch those freinds ,this i cannot allow ,,,so i must return to the dark and lonely world from were i came ,it is you i protect not myself ,,,i have drunk today and this is not the man i know ,i trully have been consumbed ,i knew i would fall one day ,,,,sorry xn728

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Feb 27, 2010