Remember, It's A Business!

Depression has been the monkey on my back for a very long time. Inward signs appeared first. I felt that the person I married was no doubt a stranger to me. She was in my bed. Scary ! I certainly didn't love her if I didn't know her. I have a daughter . Depression set in, therapists set in and also guilt because I left. The cure went on for a long time. Ups and downs.After a while I had an idea that the planned cure was not working. Therapy,antidepressants, hospitals were a business. A very large engine driven by money. My money.The system was prolonging the cure, prolonging my payments.Why cure me ? The money flow would stop. After much fear and contemplation I saw a light. I must fix myself. O my God. I read every religious dogma I could. One caught me on the hook. It said in simple terms "you must clear out your head completely" No Yesterdays, No Tomorrows try to be happy one second at a time. Stay , with all your power in that second as if it were your last. Don,t forget  everyone comes to an end. Enjoy every instant of your time here. It clicked. I found The Way to happiness.

go4alife go4alife
66-70, M
Feb 28, 2010