Mantenere Il Segreto

It’s not so hard for me to see through people.

Hell I mean, I used to be fooled by people’s facades, and their insane efforts to conceal their deeply entrenched pain from the rest of society.

I used to be one of the people that was fooled, therefore I was, a fool.

I never could keep a secret for very long. I’d have to pass on the useless information to someone else as equally useless as the rubbish words themselves.

Now, I harvest a crop of secrets within my very own mind. It’s exciting isn’t it, that one single person on the planet, can be hiding something so painstakingly vile, that people would cringe and turn their faces away at the word itself.

Fascinating, it is truly fascinating.

Secrets are awful things though really. They have this way of eating away at you, prodding and poking at your ribs until you’re bruised and bitter. My secret is like the ulcer in your mouth, and you can’t get rid of It, it’s the scar that’s been on your arm since childhood, but you just can’t recall how it came to be.

My secret is like a toothache. It throbs beneath a strong looking surface, yet inside bursting with filth and decaying from its core.

But ~ Mantenere Il segreto. In this life, you must keep your secrets.


You can tell a lot from people’s eyes.

There are certainly elements of truth in the saying that “eyes are the window to one’s soul”.

I’m not entirely sure about the whole ‘soul’ thing, but you sure can read people like a book just by observing them for a while.

People who have experienced hardship have a particular look in their eyes.

I can spot it from a mile, because I am drawn to these kind of people.

I always have been.

It’s a curious thing I believe, that as a person who has experienced enough pain for 5 people’s lives combined, wants to know and become acquainted with the same kind of people. Why wouldn’t I want to escape from them?

This is a question I can not answer - Or, maybe that I just don’t want to answer.










heidibloom heidibloom
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010