Another Day Another Struggle

i realy could do with some people who feel the same please tell me how you feel if you feel the same as me when im like this i feel everything is pointless why do the washing why do the housework why do the cooking why look forward to anything you might get run over by a bus tomorrow i dont see the point in anything: and i have such a lot of things to look forward to i have lovely children a great partner a lovely house we are moving into soon my daughter is getting married so i should be on top of the world and i feel so guilty because im not  i also feel guilty because there is people with terminal ilnesses happier than me and they are getting on with there lifes yet im feeling so hopeless im so angry with myself please post a comment thankyou

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Good morning - actually late night. If sympathy helps, you have mine. <br />
It may sound strange, but I guess I decided to not be depressed any more. It saw a therapist for almost 10 years and it didn't do any good. At the last session, he told me that I would never be happy cuz I was damaged goods. No kidding. It was a slap in the face - maybe that was his intention.<br />
Even more strange, I got a LOT better when I lost my job and ended a couple of bad friendships. My extended family is disfunctional, I am unemployed, and my daughter is about to be deployed to the middle east. Instead of having more money than sense, I am broke. <br />
I still am not motivated to take care of the extra things, but I do take care of what is important. I am riding bike and exercising. I cut back on the meds.<br />
Some of the new antidepressants are actually anti-psychotics (sp) and you might ask the doc to change your meds.<br />
I remember making the decision to reach for happiness. Even if I didn't get it or keep it (happiness), I tried. It worked.<br />
<br />
Good luck and don't give up!!

i understand and feel the same, the worst part is not knowing why i feel like this, there are time i will just sit and cry and feel so down and alone, like you i have a loving family a pretty good job and lots of friends and quite a good social life, but behind the smile i am dying inside most days, i have had counselling and have spoke to doctors but am still as bad if not worse, i just take one day at a time and try to focus on the positive, i find if one little thing goes wrong or i get bad news i hit a all time low and take things very bad, :( i just want some one to come and fix me