My Hidden Life

my praents split when i was younger i live with my mom and step dad my step dads an ok guy but loses his temper to much my moms nice over protective my dads fighting for full cusdy of me but hes a little on the evil side he has hurt me in so me ways i dont think i will ever be normal there is alott to this but ill just say the main parts well i didnt relly havemany frineds then i started hanging ut with this one girl now we have started the emo/goth group at my school im am the one evreyone makes fun of and does things to while my friends just kina fit in anywhere before i knew the stress just became to much fr me to bare so i started cutting i quit though after a llong time i now have scares i must hide but now i also have a lot of stress and no oneto talk to about im going i sane i have started hearing whispering and seeing dark shadows and twiching i cant stop myself from crying and at the same time everyone at school is tearing me down the concler want shut up the theripst thinks im am some mental freak this guy thats likes me and i like him will go to college soon and he want talk to me much anymore and he keeps going out with this **** and my dad want stop showing up my concerts my moms in a neck brace so i have to do everything in this huge house we just moved into my friends laugh at me i cussedout on the bus every day my gardes are  C and D i cant bring them up my mom thinks im taking her pills and ocks mt sissors away ay night and while handling all that my mom doesnt know anything about how i used to cut so i have to keep everthing hidden and i cant take it anymore

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I have a 15 yo girl, and a 13 yo boy. I cannot imagine what I would do if one of my kids could write what you too have. <br />
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I have no wisdom to give you, but life is worth living, and there are joys everywhere. I hope you find them.<br />
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Honey, I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible experience, I also have depression and I cut. I'm 14. If you ever want to talk, I'm here