Going Through The Motions Daily

I am close to retirement and should be happy. I have all I need but I struggle to deal with everyday life. Seems everything is a big deal that I'd rather not deal with. Nothing is fun or has been for years. Mine is a long story but this is where it has brought me. Bottom line, I don't really care if my life ended today. I tried to be good to all but I basically get ignored. This is my way of getting my feelings out cause I can't tell anyone close to me. I am 52 and alot of people never got to live this long. I'm no special person so why should I get to go on. That's all . Good nite.
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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I am just fed up with life in gereral. I'm 56 years old and can't find a job. I have lost 2 long term good<br />
jobs as the companies moved to the States. The economy sucks and there a fewer and fewer jobs<br />
out there. I want to retire, but it will be a few years yet. My husband lost his job a year ago, but has<br />
since found a good one in his field. He claims there are jobs out there and can't understand why<br />
I'm not working. I just seem to drift from one short term dump to the next with the employment <br />
agencies. It's getting so that even making supper at night is depressing. I have told my Dr. about<br />
now I feel, but he just puts me on anti depressants that make me feel stoned. I am glad I found this site, so I can vent with friends who know what it feels like to be down. Thanks for listening and<br />
God Bless you all!

that was one of the questions I asked my self constantly when I was as you feel now. Why should I get to go on when so many fine and wonderfull people never got the chance... Why me! I still don't have the answear for that but I can tell you that I am very very happy that I'm still here!<br />
Start by telling your story, think of it as telling it to your self be brutaly honest. visate your doctor and tell them how you feel sad, dispondent etc. there are things that can help. It takes time and a huge effort but it can be done.<br />
chat to people online so that you don't feel like you are impossing on your famly and relatives.. it makes it easyer, knowing you are chatting to someone who actualy knows what it feels like helps more than you can imagine. <br />
most important is get help, this battle needs an army!

I feel the same way a lot of the time, well almost constantly, so what do we do? maybe talking would help us both? I don't know. it couldn't hurt. anyhow I am here so let us talk and compare notes, st johns wort helps, 5http and someone on here last night said to take vitiams D and B