What Did I Do Wrong?

Is it my fault?? everythings always my fault...

go out with someone for 2 years and 4 months just for them to brake up with you and go out with someone the next day?

what did i do wrong??

i made you get away with practically everything -- i took you back when you cheated on me, i brushed off all those times you called me stupid, dumb, retarded, bi*c*, annoying, useless, pathetic.. etc... i took care of our son by myself ever since he was born with absolutely NO help from you not complaining one bit, i looked the other way every time i caught you flirting with other girls.. almost everything i didn't want you to do you DID and i still stayed.

Is it my fault??

I go through depression because of YOU; while YOUR off having the time of your life with your new girlfriend; not caring about me OR our son. I'm stuck here feeling useless and stupid that i love you this much; i still love you and i just wish i knew how to let go and get over you.

18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010