Too Much Depression

I have gone thru alot of trying moments, the latest being my failure to complete my univerity education due to too much unexpected circumstances.

I am 26yrs and soon making 27 but I have failed to find a boyfriend who can love me and understand me.

Am too depressed need someone i can talk to, someone I can turn to when am down and feel i cant stand.

Bizimana Bizimana
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

You can talk all you like on here - and here you will get understanding; because we all see beyond the now and understand the past.<br />
<br />
And have patience with love? It cannot be demanded or forced - if love is to happen; it will. Who's to say that you need undying love in order to be understood and for you to be truly happy? Keep talking...

You are so young!<br />
You have yourself.<br />
Start today by loving yourself unconditionally.<br />
Inside you is a treasure you haven't yet discovered.<br />
We trick ourselves into believing <br />
or are taught when young<br />
that we need things from outside ourselves to make us happy.<br />
But there is contentment when you start caring for yourself deeply.<br />
And you will find joy and drive and success and love but you you start there.<br />
You'll see.<br />
Better days are coming.<br />
<br />
Peace and light to you!<br />