Am I Just Lazy Or Depressed

i was studying, going to class regularly while i was working, day before yesterday i lost my job, since then i am very lazy, smoking a lot of weed, and i think i am depressed. i am all by myself. people tell me that i am different, yes i am different. I cant be not different since i am aldreay different  , ppl dont understand that. I am interesting though, creative as well. but cant connect with people. i get no interest, its hard to say. i like people that are different too. someone who is real. i like real people like me. 


the friends i hv are good people though, i am not like one of them who has lots of friends but those friends are good for nothing. I dont know. some people can have lots of good friends. on the other hand i got few, couple. ...



i am only 24......

tamzid507 tamzid507
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Hi Tamzid507,<br />
I get into depression on and off ......many reasons ,many things going into my life but you know i realize everytime ,depression never helps.Person keeps on forming shell on him and tries to stay inside.<br />
When after 7 days of depression ,i go outside just without reason,i feel world is so happening and good and illuminated.<br />
<br />
Try to involve yourself into something.Let it be your hobby.Move out of house...If house is not home ,these four walls make us more sick .Dont let your weaknesses ruin you.<br />
I have wasted so many years of my life out of my weaknesses and got nothing out of it.

first, get off the pot.....second, write down a wish list, goals and dreams..tape it to your refrig so you see it and read it...third, force yourself to get out of your house, apt, wherever and take to walk....start building a support group, to me a friend is someone who steps in when the whole world steps out.....find your strengths and build on them........good luck......steven