Circle Of Darkness

I KNEW IN TIME IT WOULD HAPPEN ,and i would give in to the visitor ,and become unfeeling and my heart would turn cold ,,you have to understand that the pain here touches me so much ,,i cannot carry it with me any longer ,,i love you ,all my freinds very much. but to carry your pain as well as my own was becoming to much ,,i went away for a while ,and the pain gently faded away ,,i miss you here and i enjoyed talking to you ,,but the visitor has my soul and my emotions now ,,so nothing can touch me ,,in return i get to be left alone in the solitude i look forward to so much ,,sometimes to be cold and alone is the most warming feeling i can have ,,you would never have understood me any way ,,the complex way in witch i have had to evolve over this vast amount of years has left me with many scars ,,im confused why i do this now ,,unsure of what the future holds ,,frightened of pushing you all away ,,to turn around for the first time and see you not there will be frightening ,,but if i turn without looking back ,,like the light from my life the pain will fade ,,,you will go on making freinds and leaving kind messages for each other ,,and i will merely just go on ,,,ive enjoyed your company ,,but sometimes people like me are beyond reach ,,,now something calls out in the darkness ,,but it is not a freind in need it is my mentor ,,,my dark sentinal has come to show me the way ,,,,xn728..x

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Mar 7, 2010