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when i was a little kid  i remember being very happy having lots of friends. theres so many good memories i have from my early childhood. ive had few best friends in life and all of them ended up moving away and i never got to see them ever again.a big event that happended in my life was when my parents got divorced. at first i didnt understand what happened. but it didnt take long for me to figure out. i had moved away with my mother from where i grew up to a place i had never been to before. thats when things started to go down for me. i had just started middle school at the time some people had made me there friends but looking back at it i realize how bad they had treated was the summer after i had finished 7th grade. i was just hanging out with my friends when they decided to start picking on me. i was use to it but this time it was different. it had turned from verbal abuse to physical abuse. it was this day that had changed my life, i cant go into detail but what had basically happened was the most scary and hurtful thing to ever happen to me. ever since that day i changed. i hadnt gone to school for a whole year. i completely blocked myself off with the world. i had not left that house by myself at all during that time. it was these events that led to my downturn in life and ultimately ended up with me becoming extremely sad and caused me to not be able to put my trust into people anymore. i had ended up moving with my dad which he had helped me alot. he has gotten me professional help which has also helped me. but even with all this help there is still a whole inside of me in which i do not know how to fill. ive been very careful with finding people to put trust into. what ive ended up doing is trying to find friendships over the internet as i feel theres alot less harm that can be done to me but even still i continue to have a difficult time with trusting people...

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Dear Caleb, read your story sorry about your parents divorce and what you went through in middle school kid can be real jerks sometime . the best way to come out of that problem your going through is to forgive all those people in your life that hurt you ,and ask Jesus in to your heart be Lord of your life and be your best friend that will take the whole void feeling away . Start reading the BIBLE sharing your heart with GOD he a great listener , also in my life when I forgive people that hurt me God will punish them and I don't get in to any trouble too.Somebody told don't let your guard down bad advice you put walls up stops Gods love from coming in to you and flowing out of you to other lives around you . What you gone through use it to help others go through same thing share Jesus with them tell them how Jesus help you .. God give great new lives ask Him !.. David Sutton 881

well wow... well i was depressed like that but my parents are going thro a divorce right now... but i cant really remeber my middle school years because they were so painful but thats good you got professional help... when i did it didnt help so your luckie... but if you ever wanna talk im here and you can trust me with anything. i promise. :)