Thought It Was Dysthymia


   When I was first diagnosed as being DEPRESSED I wasn't certain what that meant.  After seeing a male psychiatrist who did an assessment on me. And then recommended I take the CBT program over again.  The first time that I took the program a few people in the group informed that I could possibly have Dysthymia, because of being depressed since I was a child.  I was an only child for the first ten years of my life.  At the age of nine my Dad was transferred through his job to another city.  It was very difficult for me to leave behind all of my friends and a dog who I loved so dearly.  When we first moved into our new home it was like starting over new again.  I had to start a new school and repeat the third grade, because when my Dad got transferred it was during the Christmas holidays. I had only started grade three. It was also hard for me to make new friends, but I managed to make some friends. And then the next year my baby brother was born it took all the focus and attention off of me. 

    Two years later, my Dad was transferred again to another city, where again we had to start all over again. I was placed in an special  class for students who difficulty learning in school.  I had mainly had trouble with reading comprehension I found it hard to understand what I was reading, but I think that I also didn't understand what the teacher was saying. And then again I had trouble making friends, because most of my friends lived so far away I started feeling isolated and lonely.  I spent a lot of my time in my bedroom and downstairs in a damp cold unfinished basement.  The same way I had when I was just a little girl playing children's games.  Three years later, my Dad was once again transferred, but  this time it was back to city that we were very familiar with. Again it we were starting all over again, a new home and I was placed in a vocational high school I was only 14 at the time and had to learn to take public transit to school. And then meet new student and make some friends.  

     A year later we made our last move in our new house. And lived there until I met my husband.  And it seem to be a pattern, because after marrying my husband he was transferred to another city after 5 years of  marriage.  We only lived there for 2 years.  And then my husband was transferred again.  And only after three years we transferred once again and have not moved since then. Although we have moved around several times to different parts of the city. I think my childhood and my adulthood moving around has affected my life so much in having to move and start over again new.   





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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

i understand what you mean. I am a military kid and i have moved almost every two years starting when i was 10 days old and having to start new again and again is something that you never get use to