Tired Of Being Tired...

I really wish they could figure out what is wrong with me by now.  I miss my life.  I feel like it's passing me by. 

I used to wake up by 8 AM even on the weekends, and be excited to go out and run errands.  Now, I can't get enough sleep to give me any energy at all.

Before you ask, I'm not depressed.  Well, at least I wasn't depressed until maybe now - since it's still going on.  But, no.  This fatigue just came out of nowhere and swept me off of my feet.   At first I thought it was a fluke, or a result of something I ate or did.  I thought maybe I just needed to catch up on sleep and it would stop.  I am a person that normally can survive on less sleep than most if need be. 

Now, I can't survive on double the sleep most people get. 

I sleep.  A lot.

I'm tired. All the time.

The doctors have found some minor issues, and the neurologist will check further next month when I can get an appointment.  In the mean time, I am so exhausted I forget having entire conversations with people.  I'm so tired I can't keep a clear train of thought.  My job is to talk to people all day, and now I find myself stopping mid-sentence and forgetting what I'm talking about. 

I live on a 3rd floor walk up.  I have for a year.  I have gotten great at the stairs.  In the past two months though, the thought of carrying anything up the stairs makes me feel like I'm going to cry.  Most days I don't even feel like I have the energy to haul a 12 pack of soda up, let alone much needed groceries. 

In just two short months my whole life has been rerouted be this evil need to sleep all the time. 

My hope is that I will be myself again soon. 

Maybe soon. 

In the meantime, caffeine is useless and so are the awful dreams that come with so much sleep!

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Hoping by now, you've got some answers