I'm My Biggest Critique

I battle with my insecurities every single day. Being a teenager in my generation is scary. I'm a female & it's really difficult for me. Seeing other females around me with type A bodies just brings down my self esteem. I'll feel good about myself & remind myself about how beautiful I am but then someone comes along and criticizes my body. One thing that triggers my mood is criticizing my body. I compare myself to a stick. If I was to lose any more weight, I would dissapear. I do it to myself though. I hang around girls who have the most amazing bodies & I'm just there like... one who stands out. I want a big butt. I want to have big boobs. I want thicker thighs. I want to have smaller feet. I want to be short. I want less of a chin. I want less of a nose. I want the left side of my face to be proportional to the right side. I think about my insecurities so much, cry about it every night. It feels like I'm going into depression.
SMarrero SMarrero
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013