Learning...my Story

Brief: I was molested by my father from age 8-16. I was married to appease my mother to a pastor for 15 years who controlled me. I lost my identity. I got counseling, leaps in healing, became bolder, divorced husband, he took my 4 kids that I adopted with him, 2 years later I'm in a very healthy relationship, but now some more healing needs to happen with my insecurities because they FREEZE me, paralyze my heart at times.

I'm told often how beautiful I am, how sexy I am and at times I believe what I hear but there are situations that arise that slam me down! And I freeze. I really would like to join this group to see how others like me deal with this, heal from it, get truth on certain situations because I can certainly believe a lie about me way before I believe the truth.


Thank you so much!

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First of all, good for you for being strong and moving on with your life. I commend you. You are a strong woman. <br />
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I feel the same as you - insecure. Like all people in this thread. <br />
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I am also told how sexy and amazing I am. "Situations that arise that slam me down!" Yes, I can relate to that too - it happens to me as well!<br />
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How I deal with it? A lot of personal dialogue. First being aware of what it is I am actually thinking and whether or not it makes logical sense. I found that has helped. Once I am able to acknowledge that I am being a complete idiot for thinking the way I am, I try to focus my energy on positive thoughts. It's really training your mind and it takes a lot of practice. Changing the way you think doesn't happen over night and you need to keep at it, even when situations slam you down.