I Embrace It

When did it get started? I mean this so called "battle". For many of you it might be considered as the war more likely. Because it never stops. It's continuous inner battle, impossible struggle for emergence with someones insight. Why?

Here's simple logic. Children perceive external world through their parents. It's natural mechanism of adopting behavior patterns from "trusted source" and be they alone they're often scared and feel disconnected with the world they perceive. Simply to say children get strong habit of using parental neurology to facilitate own mental processes. So when a child becomes adult, his main task is to learn using his own in full. In simple his task to learn to be alone.

For many centuries it was like just like this. Due to simplicity of society structure perhaps. But now things are different. In fact, there's a huge % of individuals who're failed to mature.


If you embrace this feeling, you will find what you're actually never been alone. And still you're always alone. This means you have to perceive outside world in full by your own. This is the key to be happy with your loneleness to, no mater who is nearby.


nokko nokko
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

try to find one small thing that is pleasurably in your life and put your focus there change your focus can change your life if you decide.