My Name Is Josh. I Am Alone.

I always used to wonder how most of the people around me were happy with their lives. how they could do what they did and how they all went about their lives without giving much thought to what they are doing and why. Yes.. I was alone. Loneliness has been with me ever since I was a child. My parents died in a car crash when I was ten years old. The pain still feels new at times. Growing up in a foster home was not easy for me. I could never fit in with the family. They stopped trying to make me feel at home after a while. I got out of the house as soon as I turned 18. I was not popular in high school.. or anywhere else. People just never seemed to notice me.. It was as if I was always invisible.

I was hopeful when I started going to college. I was hopeful that I would make friends and have a life at last. Then I met her.. Her name is Selena. Surprisingly enough, we hit it off and I was dating her before I knew it. She was a foreign student. She had come here from Spain. She had such long beautiful black hair. I never got tired of just being in her presence.

But just as soon as it started, it ended too. She was taken away from me. She was in a car accident. She's not the same Selena anymore. She changed... She hates me now for reasons unknown to me. For reasons I cannot explain. It is then that the dark truth finally struck me. I am, as always, alone... again. I am writing my story here to vent out some of this pain. It hurts so bad I can abrely feel it anymore.

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Hi Josh... I'm really sorry that life hasn't treated you well. You deserve happiness, I wish i could send you mine. You're still young, many things may be ahead of you. You might find people that will change your life, maybe you will have to look for them. For me, I could never have asked for more than the family i've found. Sometimes, you are born with one, sometimes you find a family. I am sure you deserve a wonderful one and a happy life. Anyway, hopefully things will get better for you. Kindest regards from a boy who would like to share his friendship.

Thanks... Hugggggssss back to you too..