I Know I'm Not The Only One, But...

So I recognize that this entire Group is focused on the same topic. I know that each one of you out there has your own story and your own reason for feeling isolated and alone. I do not at all intend to come across as attention seeking or make it appear as though I consider myself to be more in need than any of the rest of you. I just wanted somewhere to tell my story. Basically, I'm in my ealry 30s. I've been married now for over five years. Unfortunately, there's very little excitement or passion in my marriage. My wife is a good woman, she truly is. However, we simply do not appear to be all that compatible any longer. It's almost as if we've become roommates rather than husband and wife. I have extremely few friends...only one or two really, and my contact with them is only infrequent as best. I have plenty of friendly aquaintances, although most of those happen to be friends of my wife, so they're usually really more interested in spending time with her anyway. Part of it is my own fault, I'm sure. I'm extremely introverted and do not easily interact with others. That said, I do wish that I had people I could rely on to talk to whenever I needed advise or cheering up. I drink too much, too. I'm sure that this is probably a coping mechanism to deal with my loneliness and depression. Anyway, there's probably more I could say, but I'm not sure what at this point. So I guess that's it.
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1 Response Mar 6, 2011

i i wish i had great words of wisdom and could give you the magic fix. i,m affraid my weak intelect dosn,t meet your needs. but i wiil add i have been married 3 times and found that it is to easy to fall in to a false comfort zone. we get wore down by life,jobs,stress,dealing with our own problems and everybody elses. it takes alot of efort and energy to make a marriage work and stay envolved with friends. mabey we need to push ourself a bit harder. we only get what we put in to it. the only thing i,m sure of alcohol never cured anything but worms. i truly hope you find the strenght,hope and love you need and deserve.