i m so alone in my heart that i wanna stabd my heart of being all alone inside me i hate it , i m so alone inside its killing meeeeeeeeeeeee
evilkilllingme evilkilllingme
22-25, F
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thanks for answer yup i m bored from life and from being hated by the whole world i respect that u wanna help but i guess someway god will definately help me find a way

It looks like i am the first to offer you some level of comfort.I have come to a place in time where<br />
I usually don't like to give advice, because i was so free with it when I first came to EP. But you've expressed a lot of pain and anguish, and I would do anything to make you feel better. But that is impossible ..I can't do anythiing, I am limited by geography, and money, and my knowledge of your specific problems. But I can do what I can do. So just let me say I have similar feelings when i am cooped up i my house too long and can't seem to get out and do things.That's not much help is it? well You might take a look at what your routine is is it boring to you ..the things you do every day?..Then go somewhere, like a park, that has moms and kids and just sit and take in the whole scene, relax, and forget about your troubles, for a few minutes..The more you are away from the problems themselves , the farther away they may seem to be . Try to treat yourself to something that you usually don't, like going to one of those steak houses, or a little restaurant that you'd like to try their food, and indulge yourself. get your hair done too...some change that will make you see yourself differently or make you feel good(just simply that)I know I'm not a counselor, but I hope you see that someone cares about you and i am going to the max for hope is that you will find your way out of the situation, that is bothering you, if not for more than a little while every day or so. I hope others will also add to the information that will do you a world of good....Okie