Lonelyness Has Beaten Me Down

i cant stand it....i hate being so lonely...i know "god ur only 16 u arent lonely" but no one understands, they dont understand theyre the ones who have shoudlers to cry on...i dont...i cry alone and in pain. tortured by my own tears and screams. ive gotten so close, so close i could almost taste it, but theyre always gone in a snap.

a laugh, a smile, a quick glance.
a hug, a word, a playful dance.

walk together to make amends
prove to each other,
we are still friends

insides a tear, a scream, a pray
waiting wanting for a special day

insides a cry, a screaming roar,
hoping one day to be something more... 
hiddenbabe hiddenbabe 18-21, F 2 Responses Sep 4, 2011

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An endless dark void, probably inside every person somewhere but not everyone fully experiences it. The only thing that I've found makes the loneliness bearable is real connections with other people. However these are almost impossible to find. I do know what you mean, and feel what you feel, if that's at all comforting.

i can understand what you been going through..... just smile when u lonely... its tough.. but it wrks..