i dont know how to start .. i met this gal.. i agreed for long distance.. n all of a sudden she said she wants to move out.. for the first time i felt love. she said things to me only a girl in love can say n then she just said no future. i am alone.. i was always alone i am afraid that i will die alone.
i was awaiting her no since long i know she cant sustain relationship i know all but still she want to walk out.

I m not happy.. i m not sad.. i m just alone..!! even when i was in long distance i never felt closeness or effort from her side to sustain it.

bt she is worried.. she needs someone to talk to .. n i have decided to help her.. n them move out.
moving out i always easy for a lone guy.. coz he has everything to gain .. nothing to loose.. n when u learn that misssing someone who was actually never urs.. moving out is easy.

i dont want to be alone nymore.. i m tired somebody plz come n hold my hand.
there is loads of pain n killing behind this smiling face..
loads of sadness behind daring attitude...

plz com n complete me.. i m just waiting for you......
ky86 ky86
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 27, 2012

I promise you, one day when you least expect will me her and she will turn your world upside down....Hang in there...It will get better.

i hope you find that some one soon who is waiting for you also.