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Loneliness Knows Me By Name

Feeling lonely is the most hurtful feeling anyone can ever face... it drives apart even the people we cared about.....
I remember a song lyrics from Westlife " May be surrounded by a million people, I still feel all alone" this is exactly how I feel. I shifted to a new country surrounded by new people and the people who call themselves my new friends are the ones around whom I can behave like myself. Each and every day I remember my old friends the good the bad and the mean, no matter how they treated me i still miss them. I hate the fact that they cant understand what i am going through and how much I appreciate them... but the fact remains the same .... I MISS THEM.... and i keep looking for them in my so called "new friends" but i cant even find like them .......
purvi5 purvi5 18-21 1 Response Oct 20, 2012

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I'm sry to hear about that :( I miss a couple of my old friends...some of my friends "changed" on me too...I'd be lying if I said I didn't sort of want things to go "back to the way they were".