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i'm not sure if it's really anything big. i never really thought of it much, but today i looked at this old website i used to be addicted to and i realized that i don't remember anything from that part of my life Y.Y i compltely forgot everything, i forgot all the people that i used to talk to and all the things i said and did..... it scares me..... what if i forget today in the future.
what will happen in a few years when i look back at EP? will it be the same? will i forget everything? i want to write everything about my life now, in order to stop myself from forgetting a huge chunk of my life again.... it's scary Y.Y
turtlefudgecakes turtlefudgecakes 18-21, F 1 Response Dec 22, 2010

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Yeah, it is a bit scary, but it happens. :) Perhaps you're mind is just thinking that you don't really need those memories right now and is making room for new ones.

Stressing about forgetting just makes you forget more. Anxiety tends to do that to people.

So relax. Just concentrate on the now.

If it gets worse, or if it continues to bother you, get it checked out. :)