Why Is It So Hard.......

So, I did something this weekend that I never said I would do.....I signed up to get Lipo Injections.  The past 2 years, I've not felt myself. I feel fat and for the most part pretty ugly.  I know I'm a beautiful person, inside and out, it's just hard convincing myself that every day.  I did my research and for the most part, the Lip Injections seem pretty safe. But, what is safe now days! Nothing! I know I'm not fat by any means, just alittle overweight.  5'2" 175, just can't stop thinking about being the way I was in highschool or even a few years ago.  I know I will never be a stick thin teenager again, and I should just live with the beautiful womanly body I have grown into.  I just need to feel comfortable with myself 100% again though...It's been to long..hopefully this will help!
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I totally understand.

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While I'm not a woman and can't totally identify with you I can identify with the Self Confidence issue. I would like to say to you that Self Improvement is never wrong and shouldn't hold such a stigma. You should do what you think is best for you. If you've done your research and have found a safe place to have that done, then go for it. I would think you wouldn't want to be "stick thin" anyway. However, that's just one man's opinion.