Why Hate Thyself

Hate is a powerful word. The dictionary defines "hate" as: [The emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action].
In my experience I remember doing many thing throughout the past that I disapproved of. That is right I "disapproved" of my actions - not myself. I suppose one could say that they "hate" many of their actions. The scriptures poss a rhetorical question to all of humanity. "What man ever hated his own flesh?" Examining this question we can infer that it is difficult or perhaps impossible to "hate" ones own body "flesh". If impossible to hate our bodies and yet we do feel hatred for something within ourselves it must be our actions that we so disgustingly disapprove of. We say "disapprove" because the definition of "hate" tells us that we "dislike so much that we take action" to change the thing we hate. Therefore, if we do not take action to change the thing that we say we "hate" then it must not be "hate" only disapproval. However, if it is truly "hate" that we feel towards ourselves then it is extremely important that we do take action to change whatever is causing the ill feelings.
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46-50, M
Dec 13, 2012