When The Hatred Scars

Truthfully, I don't even remember when I began hating myself. I remember its been a while though. Maybe it was the bullying in school or the low self esteem but it progressively for worse. I began cutting my wrists because I wasn't the "pretty" "skinny" girl. In middle school, I was the tomboy that liked to skateboard and listen to rock music. I wasn't typical. It got so difficult that not only did I begin self injury but I began smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor. All of this happened at the young age in my sixth grade year. I had been bullied for so long, I just couldn't remember what it felt like to have friends. I couldn't remember what it was like to actually love myself. I looked in the mirror everyday, and I hated what I saw. I saw a fat, ugly, disgusting girl. I never got over it. To this day, I still self harm and hate myself. The difference was, I never tried to get help. I never wanted to get help. So don't reside in a blade. Don't find confidence in a finger to go down your throat to make your purge. Stay strong everyone and I love you everyone.
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Jan 15, 2013