I Hate Myself So Much.

Every day I look at myself and feel sick.

My boyfriend always tells me i'm beautiful, i'm this - i'm that. And I keep having to tell him that it doesn't matter what he says or how often he says it I will never take it in or believe him.

I've self harmed in many ways.. I hate the way I look.. I hate my stomach.. I hate my stupid head problems.. I hate the way I never seem to be able to say the right thing.. I hate the way I never seem to be able to keep friends or get along with people.. I hate the way that whenever I get to over excited because of my head problems I make a total idiot of myself and end up looking like a complete freak.. And I hate how I can't stop hating myself and I don't know how to start loving myself instead.

I wish someone could help me and that there help would actually.. help. :S

.. I don't know what else to say. I didn't mean to write so much.  -.-'

Popkins Popkins
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 4, 2010

It seems that your boyfriend loves you but do you love him ? Try telling him every day that he's gorgeous and focus on him . The love felt for him ought to give you a glow inside . Treat him to dinner , buy him a gift to let him know how much you appreciate having him . All of this will give you a good feeling inside and improve your self esteem . Remember, it's aways better to give than receive . Beauty comes from within and even people with quite ordinary features can look attractive if they radiate happiness .
Quit thinking about yourself all the time and devote more time to making others happy which in turn will make you happy.

i think you are so lucky you have someone like your boyfriend who loves you. if i had a boyfriend who told me he loved me and that i was beautiful everyday i don't think i would hate myself half as much as i do. but i can understand what it's like...one day i hope you will be happy with who you are because life is beautiful and so are you. that may be easier said then done, but try to surround yourself with good people and you will feel a whole lot better :)

I feel that you are not giving yourself a chance.You will feel how you fell no matter what anyone tells you, Really try to feed off of what he is telling you. If you are told that you are pretty than take that in and feel it believe it. Try to relax around others and not to take what is said the wrong way.Slow down and rethink everything before you respond.You can do this and things will get better for you just try it there is nothing to loose.

You should take it in evry one is pretty you cant hate your self.If you every have kids do you want them to think of them selfs as ugly...No so take in your self beauty.It is not what is on the out side that counts.What you cant see is what matters and since you cant tell if your insides are ugly.. If you truly think your ugly then o well but if you have a man you must look better then other girls for him to pick you over them. So get yourself together and work with watcha got!!!!!!!!!!!