I lay in bed

let the tears flow

silently whispering at the urge to cut "please go"

but the voice in my head says its better than the emotional pain

and a small part of me asks what i have to gain

but none of that matters once i give in

and finally let that stupid voice win

i grab the blade

slide it fast

the pain goes in a flash

the blood doesnt bother me anymore

i dab it with a tissue just like every night before

only this time the blood wont stop

and suddenly my body feels hot

as im frantically holding the tissue down

im thinking "is it finally my time now."

i dont realize im crying until i can taste the tears

and suddenly i see something in the mirror

a flash of pain runs through my eyes

as i stare this stranger in the eyes

the blood stops

and the guilt arrives

and this constant pain will always rise

the stranger in the mirror is me

this isnt who i want to be

i want the person in the mirror to actually be me








CrazyChicky123 CrazyChicky123
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Thank you, Ive stopped it now though.

So ******* true... this is beautiful and sums up, well, everything. xxxxxxxxxxxx