How I Wrecked My Life Today

So had my fourth car wreck today.  Ruined the $6000 dollar car I paid cash for.  Liability only and another accident on my record.  Only one amoung a long list of other failures.  I loved that car I guess because it made me feel a little better about the facial scars on and around my lip.  You see I still have them from when I was a kid when my stepdad tried to murder me, pouring drano down my throat.  Throughout childhood and adolescence they caused me to be constantly rejected and to turn anti-social.  I found vices of entertainment to help me forget just for a little while how I was and how I looked.  I've never been with a woman or had one even slightly wanting to be with me.  I've never even kissed anyone.  I feel like a discrace as a man and as a person.  I'm now a 23 year-old former drug using college drop-out working full-time.  The future looks bleak from this perspective.   
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3 Responses Nov 19, 2010

Your life isn't ruined.. it's just beginning. Think of it as starting from scratch(with the bonus of having a full-time job).. starting now, you can build whatever life you want. Dream.. be creative.. believe in yourself. Best of luck :)

Is your profile picture album art from "the fray" (a band)

I'm so sorry for what happened to you. I hope with all I have that things begin to look up for you.