I feel I live in a world of chaos & destruction,
Where peace will never be resolved.
Peace & tranquility can only ever be a dream,
With what we have just never seems to be enough.

I am the destroyer and am destined to what may lie ahead,
All my dreams and aspirations just seem so surreal.
Fantasy and creativity run around in my head,
I know I have to believe or I will be dead!

I wish I knew what happiness felt like as I feel nothing,
To me it’s just an empty hole that never seems to end.
One may live in a world of fantasy & dreams,
But that is not the way it always seems.

I wonder what reason I have to live, as have
Desperately searched for some meaning.
It is now time for me to let go and set myself free
And find that place of peace & happiness.

Together we are a powerful force,
One mind, one body, one soul.
Let no evil enter neither life nor attempt
To reduce one because of the beliefs that one holds.
And with this love combined with strength,
We ward off all pain and stress.
I wholeheartedly believe in life and in death!

I hear you saying that It’s always the same
But in order to grow
I now know that I have to change,
But also,
It is often hard to bear the tears & hurt that I have been caused to others
daughtermolly daughtermolly
31-35, F
Jul 21, 2011