The Hatred I Have Towards My Enemies

When I lost my chance with the girl I fell in love with everyday I came back from shcool I would sit in my room in the dark fighting myself to not let the darkness consume me Ilost that battle and two months later at that school I became everyone's worst nightmare when I saw the bullies bullying other kids I thought that those bullies were pityfull pick on only the weaklings because they were afraid of picking on the jocks and cheerleaders I had no intention on bothering the kids that were bothered by the bullies so I made the jocks and cheerleaders my targets it didnt matter if the jocks and cheerleaders picked on me because I had dirt on them which made things worse for them.The hatred inside me just kept growing because it was a jock that took my chance to be with that girl all the human emotions I had for some reason while I was in my room those emotions got supressed I have no clue what I did but I didnt care about anyone and the love that I had for that girl was turned to ashes by the flames of hatred and all of that hatred ended up getting the best of me.Now after all these years nothing has changed except for the part the hatred is gone that girl is no longer in this city but I know she is getting serious with someone else I dont know what to do because there is apart of me that still wants her.But like my brother says you only get one shot never a second
angelus1988 angelus1988
22-25, M
Jan 25, 2012