Goals And Accomplishments.

I have a hard time admitting my issues, my past has brought a lot of difficulties into my adulthood, which can be trying.

There are days when my depression and anxiety get so bad that I simply forget about all the positive things in my life and I am stuck in this perpetual misery for days, however... I have recently changed numerous habits in my life that have increased my happiness and decreased my depression.

I had a long conversation with my fiance's mother over Christmas about a seminar she went to which talked about toxic people in the work place. This topic didn't really apply to me, personally, but the solutions presented were amazing in terms of bettering one's health and wellness.


Here are the three different goals one must meet in order to truly start to have a balanced emotional and physical healthiness within themselves.

1. Exercise.

30 minutes of exercise a day can:

Improved sleep
Increased interest in sex
Better endurance
Stress relief
Improvement in mood
Increased energy and stamina
Reduced tiredness that can increase mental alertness
Weight reduction
Reduced cholesterol and improved cardiovascular fitness

My fiance and I started out by jogging two times a week for an hour, to going to the gym 4 times a week for 2-3 hours. You start to feel empowered and healthy. Your body starts to crave the healthy foods and long walks, which are so relaxing!

2. Meditation, Religion, or Yoga.

This part is to create a sense of balance in your life. All three of these are designed to relax and nourish you.

Meditation & Yoga are similar in that they help your mind be at peace, to cleanse you.

Religion helps you put your worries into the hands of something higher than yourself, which can relieve a large amount of stress and increase a healthy mental state.

I, personally, do Yoga every day. Every morning I wake myself up with a light yoga session that helps me get up and out of bed without feeling "pushed" out. I've recently been trying more meditation, which I have a harder time with.

3. Spending time with same gender friends.

This one, at first, I had a hard time believing would benefit my mental state, but the truth is it will and it does. I have, for the past month, been spending way more time with my female friends than I typically would as the majority of my days are spent with my fiance.

It is nice spending time with friends in general, so what makes spending time with your same gender friends better? In my option it is because friends with your same gender may understand certain issues better than opposite gender friends would.

For example, if I were to tell my gay best friend about a terrible period, bad cramps, or a pms induced fight, they would be able to sympathize with my plight, but would not empathize with it and there in lies a disconnect.

When I started hanging out with my female friends more, I started to feel a sense balance when I came home to my fiance. I felt like all the things I needed to get off my chest that he may not have necessarily understood, were heard and resolved, just by spending those few hours with my girlfriend.


After utilizing these steps, I've found that I sleep better, I feel more energized, small issues that I normally would be upset by do not phase me in the least. I have recently started to feel really, really great. I'm accomplishing more of my goals and finding more peace with myself.

Not everyday is bliss, but most are and that is what keeps me going ;}

thejoneses thejoneses
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I am going to try this. You are my role model.