It's Tough Living Everyday With Horrible Pain

8 years ago, I had a full and complete hysterectomy because my uterus was nothing but scar tissue and adhesions, which caused me to have a bleeding condition that was severe. I had my monthly all the time, non-stop for 11 years. This caused me to become anemic.

Damn, my body is all messed up...well, after getting the hysterectomy, the doctor said I will be fine---WRONG!!!! 1 month later, the severe pain of the lower right quadrant of my abdomen. OMG, it would not let up, it was constant and getting worse as the months went by.

After 30 doctors, every test known to man, being diagnosed with everything under the sun, I finally found a pain management doctor who knew right away what is causing me to be in severe pain constantly ( I never had a day pain-free, I'm still waiting and hoping that day will come).

After the hysterectomy, my body recognized that the problem was removed, but the nerves went bonkers ( or hay-wired), because there was nothing there to suppress them. My nerves are permanently damaged, there's no cure for what I have.

The doctors will do nerve blocks to try to tone it down, but so far those have only lasted 1 1/2 weeks, but I will have pain for the rest of my natural life until the day I die. I will be on narcotics until I die ( YIPPEE!!!! sarcastically said) and this is not fun. My body becomes tolerant to the medications ( different than becoming addicted) and I hate it.

My advice to everyone, if you have pain---GET IT CHECKED OUT before you land up like me. I was dealing with my menstral pain for 11 years before I done anything about it, and now, I am paying for it. I am paying dearly for it.

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I am so sorry to hear that. I agree with the previous poster -- neurontin does help with nerve pain. All the best.

Neurontin can help with the pain b/c I"ve been on that for years, but it does make you head a little foggy, but you get used to it. There are machines that can help you with your pain. DYNATRONICS makes a machine called the "STS" that help in rebuilding damaged nerves. I"ve got my OWN machine at home that i bought it & it has been a GOD SEND when it came to helping relieve the severe pain in my neck & shoulders & arms. There's also a natural suppliment that you can buy & take & I will tell you that it works on me & my wife. I've been able to cut back on my meds b/f of me taking it. Wanna talk? PM me or we can CHAT.

Have you tried Neurontin or Amitriptyline? These can be effective for never pain. (These are not pain killers or opiates.)<br />
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Good luck to you. I am in a similiar situation, but am refusing to have a hysterectomy!<br />
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Peace and love. Sj.

I do hope you find something to help.