Hypochondria Has Taken Over My Life!

A couple of months ago I would not be writing this but in July something changed. I lost two friends this year to Pancreatic Cancer. I am 27 and before this was exercising every day and had an amazing social life. It did not hit me right away but after they died I kept hearing ads for the cancer treatment center and then on the way to work I would see a billboard for this hospital with more people in clinical trials for cancer. Pancreatic cancer was surrounding me. Then my neighbor died of cancer. It was like I am just surrounded and it is going to get me next.
I started having stomach pain and went to the Dr. he couldn't find anything so I switched Dr.'s. She did the blood work, ultrasounds on my abdomen and my pelvic area. Nothing! They can't find anything. I just constantly googled and googled just knowing that they have missed something. I am having panic attacks at work, crying all the time at home, not eating, and don't want to go out of the house.
Bottom line....hypochondria is ruining my life. I don't work out anymore. I don't go out anymore. I eat just enough to get by and make my husband happy. I just don't know where to turn to get through this. The Dr. wanted to put me on Zoloft but I don't want to live on medication I want to actually get better!
thechippercupcake thechippercupcake
26-30, F
Sep 18, 2012