Hypochondria Has Crushed My Hopes And Dreams.

Hi everyone i have been diagnosed with GAD.I battle hypochondria on a daily basis,it crushed all my hopes and dreams.I have been to tons of doctors offices and hospital ER rooms so many times in the past.The doctors have run several tests like EKG,Chest CT,Chest Ultrasound,Chest X Ray,Stress test for heart,MRI of brain and neck,CT of brain,Blood work for everything several times and the test never revealed anything other than sinusitis and gallstones.I have thought i was having all type of serious problems before like a heart attack and stroke feeling like i was dying shortness of breath,then i can't hear certain health terms like heart attack or seizure,stroke i am so messed up from this hypochondria.

I have not been to a doctor or hospital in 1 year and a half i take St. Johns Wort and i drink Chamomile tea and i use Melatonin for sleep.I might start using Valerian Root soon maybe.I feel better but i still have Hypochondria.I feel anxious and worried about illness and other things.

I just barely get to ever have any fun and go out and have a good time i hardly ever have time to go out because i am spending time worrying about my possible illness that is all imaginery just all worrisome bad thoughts in my head.I hate living with Hypochondria i think it was triggered by something i kinda have a good idea what it was.I know CBT is helpful in some cases and natural medication is helpful in my case as well.Hypochondria is a beast of a thing to have in life.My hopes and dreams have been crushed by being a Hypochondriac.My recovery is not simple the process is long.It's a everyday battle.
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I completely understand where you are coming from, some days I feel like I am fine but most of the time as soon I start to feel ok I begin to wonder what a certain twitch, pain etc is. I feel like no one understands what it is really like to be a hypochondriac as most people just brush it off as attention or a mild case of anxiety. Sometimes I do not want to move because I am so petrified of what is going to happen with regards to an illness. I hate this and really feel for what you say.