I Would, But It Would Be Selfish

Well I wouldn't say I think about it a whole lot.. but I do find myself thinking about it more and more. I think about it kind of a lot. It really worries me.. and scares me. I have insecurity and because of that I have real bad depression. And when I get REALLY depressed, I tend to think of suicide. I think of a bunch of things. Sometimes I think of cutting myself.. like I used to, sometimes I think of drugs, and also... suicide. Sometimes I just feel like giving up on everything. I don't know how much more I cant take. I tell myself not to do it though because of my sister, friends, and boyfriend. It would be selfish. Plus I think I might be too scared. Although.. that might change depending on the situation. But as for it being selfish, I stand by that
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Be strong. Fight the suicidal thoughts. Do it for the people you love if not for yourself.

That's awful :( I know what that's like. I do too every semester I go back to school. It's gets a bit easier each time though. I'm always here for you if you want to talk about anything. You can message me any time.