Not Sure If This Is Abuse Or Not Just Kinda Looken For Some Answers.

I ended up in a really bad relationship a couple of years, and a friend of the man i was with got me to finally leave. We have been together for about 2 years and have a baby about to be born in a week. When we got together he was like a dream. It was so un-beleivable, he did everything i had ever wanted, like i was the star of my own fairy tail. Then after a couple months things had started to change. Now when i had got with him i was a smoker, and i know it is bad for you're health but it was just one of those things i enjoyed, and didnt have any want to quit. Well that was the start of everything. He started getting upset with me because i wouldnt quit smoking. Which always confused me because hes a smoker with no will or want to quit himself. well After that he started telling me i  didnt need to talk to any of my friends. The said they were worthless people. so he disconected me. At that time i had a car, but after a while he found it better that we only have one vehicle. and im not aloud to go anywhere in it with out his permission, and i have to tell him where im going and how log im gona be. He even tracks the mileage to make sure i went where i went. Well once i got pregnant his reaction was to get an abortion. The way i was raised is that that is not an option unless u were raped. and i explained to him that i could not do it, that it would kill me to have to do it. He also knows thiat this might be only chance since the doctor told me a yr before that i was unable to have childeren. well im a week away so he came to terms, sorta. He is just sour about it. and now i here how fat i am and how terrible im gona look when the baby is born, and how sex isnt gona feel the same. And on top of that i here how i make the bed wrong, i get in bed to soon, im told its not cold when im cold and he rips the blanket off of me, if i ask him to roll up the window a bit cuz im cold he rolls it down more and i feel like im being punished for saying anything, i here how i dont ring out the sponge all the way, or how im not fast enough in the shower, and if im not ready when he is he just leaves. even if i get up an hr before he does, if i wake him up then he leaves. Im so frustrated but yet so confused with whether these are things that really need to be changed about me or whether this is abuse. my mother said this is the first step before physical abuse but family is always gona be on you're side so i need outside information. I have just decided to post because today was the wost. he wasnt feeling good when he took me to my doctors appt. and i didnt know so i asked him what was wrong. and he got alll pissed off and i told him i was gona deal with being treated this way. so as we get on the highway he goes as fast as he can go and theres a car in front of us and he saise, i waonder wwhat will happen if this car doesnt get out of my way and he speeds up even more. after that we cam home and i was trying to talk to him and all of a sudden he tells me to get out. and i said not. so he told me either i get out, or hes gona drag me out. i told him he wasnt gona touch me and thats when he asked if i wanted to go for another ride.
Lynnesnow Lynnesnow
May 4, 2012