Yes, I'm Also Abused.

Hello, you may recognize me. I could be your sister, your best friend, or your co-worker....I am your stereo-typical normal educated woman. Good family, great friends. Strong values, good heart, basic morals, beliefs.

So, why do I keep making wrong choices and stay in abusive relationships......? Your guess is as good as mine. I was in a verbal-physical abusive relationship for 11 years with a alcoholic-drug addict. I left him, and was single for a couple of years and now, for the past 2 yrs, I've been in a verbally abusive relationship with another man who is a bad alcoholic. I was only dating him before, and just moved in with him, and now the abuse is worse and daily. I feel stuck, most days, and feel alone in my sadness. Iam on the east coast, my family (mom and dad, brother) are on the west coast. Friends here are tired of the cycle I have gotten myself in, and can't understand why it is hard to just leave. He is very,very verbally abusive and breaks things most days, or throws things. Today it was pots and pans, and he broke the back door window,smashing it entirely. He has never laid his hands on me, though h has threatened. I just wanted to share my story, as I was having a especially hard day today.
Keely1313 Keely1313
41-45, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Hi Keely,
Why do you stay in this relationship? One thing you don't want to do is, to look at the abuse as a normal thing. You need to get out now. There are a lot of people on EP who will help you vent and who will listen to your story. But this is not healthy and you need to get out quick.