I'm Feeling Sad

Hello, I am sad. I am worried about what my children see and hear from verbalisations from my partner. It has been going on a long time (8 years).

I cannot handle the behaviour anymore and I worry about the example my partner is setting and how this is shaping our children (7,4 and 2).

I have a counsellor but no friends to talk to about this.
Zwaan Zwaan
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

hi i am stacey 15 my dad is the same with my mum and i hate it

Dear Zwaan, I hear you. I too am in a similar situation with a 2 year old son, although the abuse is not always infront of my little boy, it affects me terribly-and then affects him. He is very loveable and cuddles me when I am down. Please feel free to talk to me. Do you still love him?