Circle Of Eating Abuse

I am a successful in losing about 100 pounds but I cant lose the last ten to fifteen that would put me in a finally healthy weight.  I go up and down with it and stress has been a large part of my weight journey, but I should be able to get a handle of this by now.  I lost it with different programs and at a healthy pace.  I am educated in nutrition, a certified personal trainer (not working in that field) and wear about a size 5/6.  I am frustrated with my emotional eating.  It is aggressive and unconscious sometimes.  I eat and feel guilty because, I definitely know better.  I am studying to help people in there weight loss and still struggle with the simplest 10,15 pounds.  I know the tips, nutritional info, and health risks, but yet there I am eating a disgusting burger and fries until my stomach hurts and then wondering why did I do it when I didnt need to.  There are salads everywhere, and even when I crave I know better options are out there for that craving, and even then why eat the whole burger why not half.  I dont have an answer.  I could say hey its all subliminal commercials and advertising, or the smell when I walk by a burger joint.  Where is my will power when I really need it!  This is when it counts the most.  Working out harder and spending more time in the gym just because my inner feelings were hungry for something.  To marrow is another day.  Right?  

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