The Beast

Depression is a horrible thing and I never imagined there could be anything worse to comsume my brain. Like everyone, I have my ups and downs and usually see the cycle. Take the time to talk with someone, see the Doc or whatever. I mean, I consider myself a smart guy so I realize the pitfalls of self-pity and the endless cycle of depression; So I knew to get help.

But PTSD is a whole different story. Even now I don't realize when it sneaks up on me and pulls me in. The isolation, the irrational thoughts and stupity of my actions. To look back and see the days within the clutches of this terrible Beast is heart breaking... Will I ever be able to undo the damage, the hurt, the mis-trust?

I guess only time will tell...
kunar12 kunar12
41-45, M
Jul 31, 2012