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I Was In The Army

Some females in the barracks I was assigned to tried to kill me. I reported it to EO and I got kicked out of the company. There was no other action taken and those responsible are still enlisted.
wtfimik wtfimik 26-30, F 2 Responses Oct 3, 2012

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Sorry to hear that I just said a prayer for you hope all works out for you.


Wow, how did they try to kill you?

It was basically a hardcore blanket party...except there were 6 of them, we were all standing and I wouldn't have had a chance in HELL of walking away, or surviving but injured. I didn't see any weapons at the time, but who the hell knows. These females were all black, all grew up in GA, and were probably very isolated. I was the only white chick in the room, so the place reeked of racism. They blocked the door with a bed so none of our NCOs could get in (and they didn't until it was over -- if there was no witness it never happened). It was late at night, so the next morning I skipped formation and took a male battle buddy to file my EO report. Actually, I went to base police first, then they sent me to EO. As you can figure, I knew they wouldn't do anything. I think the exoerience itself was bad enough. But the way they treated me after I made my report REALLY didn't help. It was much more involved than that, but I think you get the idea.

Oh wow, Did you speak with the inspector general?