I Am Not Coping Well

I feel really lost at this point and I don't really know how to pick up and move on. I am trying to find another therapist and hope to find one that will help me, but feel discouraged. I feel like my problem will never go away. I know, I know that everyone feels this way when they are the end of their ropes... it's just that I don't see real solutions..
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26-30, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

You know, today I heard one of my favorite songs in this world. And it reminded me of you. My amazing, courageous, kind, gentle, wounded, unyielding, beautiful friend. Of how you lost so much, and yet are always fighting back, always holding your own, proud and unrelenting. The song is called "Lost in the echo", and it is sung by Linkin Park.

You give me way too much credit. But thank you..